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Here are complete instructions on how to successfully burn a CD ROM on a MAC to update memorex firmware:

1) Download the July firmware at:


2) Unzip and open the folder

3) You must use ROXIO TOAST. launch toast and select


--> ISO9660

4) Click SELECT... (See image)

5) Drag all the files from the firmware folder (above) into the Toast Files window.

6) Click settings (see second image) and set all settings as per the image.

Format: CD-ROM

Naming: Joliet

Everything else UNCHECKED.

7) Burn onto a black CD (you must NOT use a DVD).

8) Take the CD you created and put it into the Memorex MVBD2510 player.

9) Go to SETUP using the remote, then GENERAL and UPDATE FIRMWARE, Select YES, and then allow the unit to proceed - this will take quite some time to complete.

Best of luck


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