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Hey all,

Question about comparing two different HT processors: Rotel RSP985 and Meridian 565 Z3 (with DTS&AC3). I've sold the 985 for the 565 since I just couldn't take the 985's piercing treble anymore (a feeling shared by quite a few others), especially since I used it as a DAC/preamp for stereo too.

The 565 really made the system sing in stereo, but on home cinema I'm not as convinced though.. it sounds great and all, but dynamcs and especialyl top end lacks the crispness and sparkle I had with the 985. Perhaps I just got desentisized with the 985's brightness, but the home cinema (both AC-3 and DTS with or without THX enabled) is a bit disappointing. Turning up the treble (first time in my life touching those things!) didn't do the trick either. I'm also not certain if the 565's channel steering is quite as fast. The technology age difference isn't that different either; the 565 Z3 was released in 1997 and the RSP985 in 1999, but the Z3 cost quite a bit more.

The only reason I went for the 565 in favour of all the sub-$1000 alternatives was because I wanted its S/PDIF outputs to drive outboard DAC's. Since the onboard ones sound fine in stereo, I assume the DSP processing is to blame and therefore external DAC's will not help much. Has anybody here had experiences with these models before? If not, what other processors are there with S/PDIF outputs besides newer Meridian gear? Is there any sonic difference between the 565 and the newer 561, since all the newer Meridians is far over my price range ($1500 max for eBay used)

PS - not sure if it's just a problem on my unit, but if all 8 channels are enabled, all the S/PDIF outputs are corrupted. Switching to 5 channels by turning off either the side or rear channels fixes it, and on the analog outs everything always works. Ghostly silence from Meridian upon emailing them
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