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I recently bought a Meridian 861 controller. I could not afford a brand new V6 so I purchased a refurbished last generation V4.2 from a dealer on the left coast.

The unit arrived and my installers spent hours of billable time trying to get it set up....it didn't work and back it went to Meridian. It just came back and now I am having yet another problem. The rear speakers give off a crackling noise when playing surround MUSIC only. DVD-Audio discs and SACD's, for instance, are some of the worst offenders. Put in a movie and the same surround channels sound great. Put in a CD with the Trifield processing and no sweat.

Meridian has no customer service support in this country and my dealer is 3,000 miles away. Even if I can somehow troubleshoot this issue and get it working without having to ship it back out again, I still need help programming it properly.

Anyone out there with Meridian chops near Long Island, NY that is willing to help me out? I'll pay for the effort and make it worth your time. Please don't make me go back to the depression meds. I'm sick over this whole mess and need help to untangle it


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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