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Messing with Bose Install

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I want to change the head unit of my Bose System to a Alpine 9883 for and Ipod and hopefully sound qaulity increase.

Will I see any increase or a decrease in sound quality using the Bose Amps and component speakers (for now, may change in a year or 2).

Crutchfield shows an adapter that is a speaker out to line out converter.

Since, the Alpine has Preouts is there not a converter for that to the Bose Amp? Will pre-out voltage matter (2V), but the 9885 is 4V?

Will sending out an amplified signal and then toning it down cause more distortion? Will I notice it?

Please, no Bose bashing.

I want to be able to specify to the installer on how to do it.

Also, does crimping or soldering make that much of a difference when putting these adapters together?
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Good luck with that and please post your results. I have a factory Bose CD player in my Vette with a CD stuck in it. I know the transport mechanism is trashed and I don't want to buy a refurb to replace it with. Been toying with the idea of replacing it with an aftermarket deck, but the whole amplified speakers thing has been standing in my way.
your sound quality will decrease. car mfg set the system up specifically for that car. i tried with a factory infinity system with a pre-out to line converter. i lost half the volume with 5v pre-outs. a friend tried with a pioneer unit with 2v pre-outs and could not get any volume. i never did bother with the LOC (line-out-converter), but simply upgraded all speakers and pulled the factory amp out. i have heard others have had decent results with a LOC. more fine tuning allowed with it. either way you go, you will need a LOC of some type for the HU to work properly. good luck...
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