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Hey guys,

I got all my electronics clumped together in my entertainment stand (Panorama soundbar, tv, power conditioner etc.).

I have a serious dust problem. I use a swiffer deal to get dust out but once in a while use canned ear to get the dust off my speakers and other electronics. I don't like using canned air because once it gets cold it will sometimes blow moisture out of the can and I know that can trash electronics.

I saw this Metro Vac computer duster online and it looked like a good solution however I'm a little concerned that its TOO powerful. Its recommended use is for blowing dust and debris of computer parts. Any chance I can do any harm to my electronics using this toy to get the dust and junk off my electronics and out of the knooks and crannys? I'd hate to blow dust somewhere it shouldn't be or end up blowing a part or some junk of some of my equipment lol. Should I be blowing the dust of my Panorama soundbar or is there a chance I'm just making things worse and possibly blowing dust into it?

Anyone tried this thing?
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