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MG-35 Firmware Update Over Network?

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Can you do it? I don't have a HDD yet in my MG-35...

Just thought I should check because the manual talks through upgrading using the HDD and I thought potential connectivity issues during an upgrade might be a problem.

I've worked out you can only see the .upgrade files if you put them in the movie directory.

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Yes you can, but there are more ways to have a disaster and "brick" your MG-35 if you upgrade over the network. If you use one of the recent versions produced by Gadgetmind, you are safer because (1) it omits the bootloader and (2) it's a little smaller and faster, so your window of vulnerability is shorter. Point #1 is the big one, though, because you can totally mess up your firmware and still recover via serial cable since the bootloader never gets erased.
Can you link to one you recommend so I can download it?
is MG35- one???
I'm pretty sure it is one w/o the bootloader.
Don't do it. I'm convinced that updating the firmware over my local network is what broke my MG-35.

It's fixed now, with a reflash over the serial port.
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