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MG-35 video quality comments

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In a word... Impressive.

My platform is a 50" Panasonic plasma. My key component is an upscaling DVD player, Zenith DVB-318, which is set to output at 1080i. It is hooked into the plasma via a DVI cable to eliminate the analog conversions needed when using component connections. For those that know the Zenith DVB-318, I need to mention that the firmware has been upgraded to eliminate the white crush initially found from the DVI connector. To me, this combination yields an

unbelieveable picture after Avia and "steaming rat" tuning (see avsforum's plasma area for details).

So does the MG-35 yield the same results as my DVB-318? The answer is "no." However, after tuning with Avia and the THX test patterns, I would have to say that the MG-35 has an impressive 1080i and 720p picture. Its picture is softer than that produced by the DVB-318 through DVI, but thanks to solid black levels and strong, but not crushing whites I would give it high overall marks. Colors seemed a little pale, but still very acceptable.

Most of my visual tesing was done through a multitude of movies loaded onto the hard drive. For testing, the files were transferred directly without any additional compression. Star Wars Episode 2 Chapter 19 was very clear and had a nice picture that did show quite a bit of detail in the stone as well as the cloth pattern on Anakin's robe. In Chapter 20, one clearly sees the reflections on the glass as Obi Wan talks to the clone makers. Fifth Element (Superbit edition) did not disappoint either. The chapter where Leelu first escapes and takes the dive off of the building was very clear and easily showed the details with all the flying cars accross the entire screen. Lastly, I tested the pictures from Spiderman 1 (Superbit edition). The scene in the begining where Harry is in the Rolls Royce talking to his father came accross well. One can tell that there was quality leather on those car

seats and background activity outside the back window.

The zoom, found through the scr.size button, showed some MINOR graininess, but Zoom 1 was VERY watchable especially if you want to fill your 16:9 screen from a 2.35 filmed movie.

Bottom line, the picture quality is impressive and better than I would have initially expected.
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