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Micro-ATX HTPC Case options?

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I'm looking for an HTPC case and I'm looking for a case that is less than 16" wide. I've got a Micro-ATX MB and I'm assuming about my only options that are going to meet this width requirement are going to be mATX cases.

I really like the clean look of the LC10 case and the Dvine cases, the fewer buttons and knobs on the front the better and I'd like at least 3 slots on the back for expansion cards. Just to make it interesting I'd also like to be able to use an ATX Power Supply.

I'd go with the Silverstone LG01 but it's going to look a bit cheesy in my equipment rack with my Lite-on DVD burner not even coming close to matching the front fascia.

Anyone have any other ideas?
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less than 16" deep (from front to back) or wide as you stated from side to side looking at the front of the case?

if it's matx and less than 16" deep then go for the nmedia 200 - it fits all your requirements and looks very good it's also the only case less than $400 which can fit a full atx power supply while being less than 16" deep.

now if it truly is less than 16" wide you're looking for then you really limit your options. the nmedia 100 and the antec aria will both fit the bill but neither will take a full atx power supply.

this should point you in the right direction at least? :D
16" wide...

...what you stated is pretty much what I've run into. I was hoping that I had missed something. I may just have to bite the bullet and go with a 17" wide case and redo my AV setup somehow to make it fit.
I use the Antec Aria case for a micro-ATX HTPC in my living room. 4 slots, only 10.6" wide, less than $100. Doesn't take an ATX PS, although the built-in 300W PS isn't too bad. It's pretty quiet too, thanks to the big 120mm fan.
Silverstone's microatx case looks neat


263 mm (W) x 210 mm (H) x 393 mm (D)

anyone convert metric to inches? :)
How about the Lian Li PC-V880B? 12" wide although 18" deep.

I'll check out that Lian Li, hadn't seen that before... I also found a cooler master micro-ATX...


...it's still 16.5 inches but it's closer to my width requirements.
HTPC 1 rules. Check my gallery. It is amazing quietest case I've ever seen.
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