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Microfiber seats vs bonded leather

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Hi all,

I’ve heard so many bad stories regarding bonded leather seats that will peel after 2-3 years of avg use. I have found some microfiber seats online and wondering if they will be a better investment over bonded leather? Here is the link https://4seating.com/seatcraft-theater-seating/seatcraft-home-theater-seating-catalina.htm

I only need about 6 for now. I don’t mind that the armrest are bonded. Real leather isn’t in my budget, thanks for any feedback!
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I'd rather have microfiber than bonded leather. I wouldn't want bonded leather even on armrests.
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What about genuine (non-bonded) leather as an option?
Can you show me an example of some?
Can you show me an example of some?
Here's a source I found by googling 'leather grades'. I think that any ad for leather goods has to indicate the the leather's quality level.

I can say that even microfiber can have its issues relatively quickly. Had a recent experience where the the microfiber was coming out and there was a lot of pilling. That was after only 6 months of use. It just depends.
We bought a couch from a designer showroom that was somekind of micro fiber type fabric and after 5 years we saw a small tear in the face then a few months later it was coming up in huge sheets. So there are issues with that too.
Buy fewer higher quality seats for now, maybe just one row. Save up and buy more latter. It will save you money in the long run. Take it from someone who has had 6 seating changes in a theater.
...Take it from someone who has had 6 seating changes in a theater.
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