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Hello everyone,

I've searched the forums but haven't really found a solution to the stutter and judder I am seeing on my HTPC running Windows 7 64bit Media Center. The stutter/judder only happens on files that are recorded using 23.967fps in 720p. I would like to mention that when I don't use WMC7 and use VLC player instead the videos play very smoothly with no stutter whatsoever. This only happens in WMC7 Full Screen mode. Even in non Full Screen Mode WMC7 plays the files flawlessly.

The following problem only happens when I have WMC7 on full screen mode. This is the problem which I am trying to solve to get smooth playback in WMC7 Full screen mode.

First I had my HTPC set to output 60hz this created really aweful stutter/judder. The video files were almost unwatchable. I then fooled around with the htpc some more by setting the refresh rate to 24hz. This helped a lot. However it seems that every few seconds (I would guess 23-24 seconds) the screen would jump/judder/stutter. I am guessing this is because 24hz does not sync exactly 23.967fps. I am trying to get the best playback possible. Is it possible to get rid of those jumps/judder/stutter every 23-24 seconds?

Here are my HTPC Specs:

Zotac GeForce 9300 (Using HDMI with Sound)

KDL-46W4150 (Motion Enhancer On)

2.8ghz Core 2 Duo

4gb Memory

Windows 7 64bit

If anyone can offer any assistance it would be greatly appreciated.
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