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So I've been researching TVs for months now, and I've been sold on plasma for cinematic and gaming experiences (with consideration to input lag, of course).  I sadly have missed the boat on the S60, ST60, and S64 options in my area (I've pretty thoroughly exhausted options).  I'm tepid of laying down the cash for something like the VT60 or the Samsung F8500 series, so I thought I'd look at the alternatives.


The lower priced 2013 F5500/F3500 sound pretty decent, if lagging behind the comparable entry-level Panasonics and suffering in bright room performance.  My viewing space is mostly light controlled, but sometimes used during daytime use with light coming in.


In my research, I stumbled on the E6500 from 2012 while viewing my EPP options through my work, and after reading the CNET review and others' input, it sounds like it may be a best fit of a decent pricing option for me while out-performing the F5500/F3500 series in bright room performance.  The input lag also sounds favorable for gaming.  I'm not interested in 3D, and smart features are not wholly necessary.  My only hesitation is my space could accommodate a 55", so loosing some screen space for the 51" option is a slight sacrifice in that regard.


If my mid-priced Panasonic plasma options are non-existent, would this be a recommended alternative from those with experience with this TV or comparable sets?  Anything about this series I should be aware of in terms of persistent problems or user issues now that its been in the wild for 1+ years?


Thanks for the input!


EDIT:  My EPP directs me to contact local authorized dealers for pricing...so not available online as I had hoped.  Still would like any input if something happens to turn up.
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