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Hello all,

I'm relatively new to the scene and woul like to lean on your collective experience for some mid range AVR suggestions. I did thumb thro the other threads but didn't find exactly the answer I was looking for so here goes. Samsung 8500 led just arrived and it's time for some audioups as well. Sorry for the lack of models nmbers but basically I'm working with

Polk 6x9 Ceiling mounted speakers in front with a non descript Polk in center

Velodyne powered sub (12")

The radio shack bookshelf speakers with the top mounted tweeters that made a stir 6-8 years ago in the rear surrounds.

Working on adding back center...

Looking for $400-600 range with at least 4 hdmi inputs. I watch alot of HD sourced movies but also poor quality downloads and HR-20 pvr signals.

I'm humbly asking for your suggestions in terms of features and make/models. Is the Pioneer that c/net is crazy about, as good as the review?

Thanks very much for your patience with a proly overplayed post and undeniably bad spelling and grammer

Fire awa

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You're still in the low end range with that budget, and for the most part all AVRs in that range will sound very similar. You need to determine all your requirements for an AVR and then compare that list to models in your price range to rule out those that don't meet a requirement. The Denon 1910/790 is an excellent choice which meets your HDMI requirement. You can read more about it in the first post of the 1910/790 Owners Thread here .
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