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Midrange receiver suggestions?

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I'm looking to replace the Yamaha RXV992 that I've been using for the last couple of years (mostly for DTS, and more digital ins / outs).

<< begin boring details

My primary use is home theater sound (my ears are nowhere good enough to be an audiophile).

I'm driving a pair of the "baby" magnepans, Cambridge Audio center and sub, and (don't laugh, they're actually quite adequate) Minimus 7s as rears.

I need at least three digital audio inputs, one digital output (surround headphones), and a few s-video ins /outs to associate with these. I don't care about component switching as I'm using a RGB (RGBHV) mega monitor (KLW-9000). I also don't care about second room audio.

end boring details>>

I'm looking to spend around $700. A mere pittance next to everyone else here, but there it is.

After doing a bunch of spec research, my final candidates are

- Yamaha RXV 995 - still pretty limited in digital audio, dts, has setup menus I already know, supports 4 ohm speakers

- Denon AVR 3300 - 4 digital audio in (assignable!), dts , high current amp (makes magnepans happy)

Pioneer Elite VSX 26TX - THX Ultra (should I care about this?), dts, 4 digital audio inputs + 1 out, Burr Brown 24/96 DACs, digital noise reduction.

I'm currently leaning towards the Denon, in spite of at least one user review complaining of flimsy speaker terminals.

Is there any reason why I should not go with this receiver?

Any other suggestions?

On line reviews of the price/power comparable Sony complained of slew (so poor bass?). Another didn't like the Onkyo (poor audio). NAD doesn't make one. Marantz doesn't appear to, either...

The Harman Kardon doesn't have the digital audio connectivity I want (neither does the Yamaha I mentioned above).

Many thanks!

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... following up my own post ...

I went with the Pioneer Elite VSX, mostly for the Burr Brown 24/96 and apropriate-to-my-needs digital audio handling.

If anyone cares (probably nobody does - there were no followups to my question, and this is a midrange HT receiver in a high-end audio group)I'll post a mini review once I've got it set up.


Just letting you know one soul out there is reading. I think you made a fine decision. I've read online and elsewhere that, bang for the buck, Pioneer Elite gear is great. It does seem like "middle of the roaders" get lost on the board sometimes. I happen to be looking kind of one step up from you (Denon AVR 4800, Harmon 7000 etc.), but I'm still not in the league of most of these folks. Definitely post your opinions on the Pioneer. I guaranteee someone else is looking at that product and will appreciate your input.
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