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Min screen size for a G90 ?

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I ve looked this up on several sites and one says 90" and another says 70". Im just about to purchase one of these beauties but suddenly thought will it go down to my screen size of 72" without any image cropping

Any G90 owners know the answer to this one ?
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You wll have no problem at 72" W with a G90. One of the things that determines how small you can go is the optics. I just took a G90 on a rolling cart to a test pattern of full H Width at 60" and had no problem focusing. Toe in would be another issue but should be a problem at 72"

With HD-10L's I am able to do a 72 inch diag 4:3 screen with my Ampro 4600HD. That is only 56 inches wide. So if you have the range of toe in and lens flapping, it should work. A 9 inch LC is something to see properly set up on a small screen.

Thanks Chuchuf, but did you mean toe in would not be a problem ? you say it should be a problem in your reply post .
008, you should be just about alright at 72'.

If you don't mind me asking, whose doing the install?

You are guaranteed no problem with 72" wide screen (90" 4:3) as my G90 was first setup trial run on a 90" 4:3 stewart fixed screen for temporary steup. It was later settled down setup on a 100" 16:9 (87" wide screen). G90 is a very stronge performer (very sharp & bright) which trend to do well on much larger screen even without noticeable downgrade in picture quality for over 100" screen width.

Don't forget to lower down the Blue tube when in color balance calibrate as the Sony Blue tube is exceptionally stronge and sharp (in compare to another Barco's 9" I own), should defocus it otherwise color temp looks too high and very blueish. Good luck!
about screen size

keep that screen size you have !!! our beloved 150lb beasts destroy digital pj's even with us using these screen sizes that are prolly too big

I currently have a 106" diagonal 16:9 screen with my Barco 808s and think it is lacking punchiness, I am currently rebuilding my theater and I am going to cut down to a less than 92" diagonal, I haven't decided exactly what size yet

I am thinking I may go as small as 80" diagonal

Hi Jimmy , Im doing the install myself. Ive set up many times my D50 then my G70 from scratch. Once the pj is mounted and alligned correctly it takes about a day to get it right. I use Guy Kuos technique of allingning the rasters to the edges of the screen rather than using the center hatch pattern to get better colour uniformity and an even spread of the phosphor surface.

As far as I know the 90 uses the same set up proceedure.
Yes meant toe should not be a problem. Should look AWESOME on a screen that small!!

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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