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[TL;DR looking for a mini hi-fi/network amp/receiver to replace a 25-year-old compact stereo in a home-office. I found several units that may work, but I'm unfamiliar with the brands and they're all from 2012-2013. Is it a good idea to wait until mid-year for possible updates? Who has personal experience with these units (listed as links below)?]

So I haven't posted here for quite a few years, but a new project is brewing so I look to the experts for advice.

I have a 110 square foot (carpeted) home office that I practically live in 12-16 hours a day during the workweek, but I've been using the same rinky-dink set-up for way too long, and several things are in dire need of a replacement.

The audio in this room needs to be upgraded. I've been limping along on an old Yorx Newave compact stereo that my dad found in one of his old abandoned rentals over 25 years ago. (I keep hoping it breaks as an excuse to get something new, but this thing refuses to die!) The speakers are just as bad: 4W 16Ω Panasonic bookshelfs that plug in via RCA cables. The one plus is that everything's a perfect fit in the hutch of my desk (which also needs upgrading, but that's another story).

This new system will be connected exclusively to multiple computers and music devices, and the footprint should stay compact. I don't plan on "blasting" the music so a high-watt receiver isn't necessary, and I'm not a die-hard audiophile but I do expect sufficient quality sound. Here's what I'm looking for (requirements in bold):

At least 2 sets of aux inputs
Subwoofer out
• < 80W power consumption
• Wireless Networking
• Apple Airplay

After researching Mini Hi-Fi/Network receivers the last few weeks, I've narrowed it down to these 5 units which all meet my 2 requirements, and a mix of the other 3. They all run between $400-500.

Onkyo CR-N755
Teac NP-H750
Denon RCD-M39
Yamaha CRX-N560BL
Marantz M-CR510

Only thing is, I have no idea about these brands and models (been a Sony/Pioneer guy for a long time). As far as new speakers, I've got an old set of Bose (no haters please) 301 Series V sitting in the closet unused. They have decent sound, but do need to be complemented with a powered sub (which I want anyway).

My only concern is that all these models are 2-3 years old. I couldn't find any high-end models from the last 12 months. Wondering if I should wait until mid-year to see if any of these units will be updated. (I've gone this far on my old set-up, what's a few more months?)

Does anyone have experience with these 5 units, or mini hi-fi/network systems in general? Are there other models you would recommend? The Marantz is currently my favorite at the moment, as it meets all my bullet points, but I know nothing about the history of that brand.

What say you AVSers?

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Id go with the Denon based on price and reviews. But, if it were me, Id get a refurbed Denon 1100w avr, and a nice pair of in ceiling speakers with 8" drivers!:) Throw in a sub of your choice, and call it a day....;)




But if your set on the mini systems, go with Denon or Marantz...
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