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It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally going to be rebuilding my Mini-Statements and breaking apart my statement center channel and cannibalizing the parts to make some new monitors (more Qs on that later).

I'll go ahead and answer the questions I see coming: I am re-inheriting my speakers as they were gifted to my parents when I moved into a new home with in walls already built in. Now my parents are downsizing AND we bought a new home (about 2 months ago).

The Minis will be getting new cabinets and new grills. Going to go veneer this time as the wife wants something to match the floors. [plus the old ones were painted black when delivered to my parents].

The Monitors are a from scratch build.

I saw where the monitors called for a RS180-4, but I do have the two RS180S-8 from my center. Can anyone think of an easy way to make them usable (I'd rather not spend another $100 and toss/sell them)? If it makes any difference, I would be using the Near Wall version of the crossover design from Curt.

Thanks for any help and I'll keep updating this along the way!

Original Statement Setup:
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