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Minidsp and running subs hot

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I have 3 subs connected to my minidsp 2x4HD and I want to run my subs a little hot, so if I turn up the sub trim my in my AVR would that turn up all 3 of my subs? Or is it best to turn up the subs individually in the output section in my minidsp?
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If want to run them hot its done in the avr which will raise all 3. Just make sure your calibration is done such that the room correction software trims them well into the negative if doing that.
Many put a house curve in the mini dsp after calibration instead.
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In my Denon I have my sub levels turned up to -5 from -11 set by Audyssey. You just want to keep it at least a little in the negative in your AVR.
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It's also a good idea to synch the plugin and watch the Mini's I/O meters to make sure they don't come out of the negative range.
Play a movie with gnarly bass and turn up the MV as high as you would normally play the system.
If the meters go near 0, then bumping the trim will do no good, as it will likely push the Mini into clipping and you'll just have to pull down the Mini's I/O sliders, making the whole thing moot.
If this happens, you should open the knobs on the power amps and pull down the Mini's I/O sliders to get more headroom in the Mini.

Hopefully, you have plenty headroom to bump the trim, but I'd still look to see how much headroom is there.
Mine are set probably a little hotter then some. Before I run auto cal, I lower the dsp input 10db. Then I’ll lower the avr lfe trim until the subs aren’t too loud for calibration (using the multi-sub eq level match screen). After calibration, I leave the lfe trim alone, which is usually around -7, and I put the dsp input back up 10db. If that’s not loud enough I’ll up the amp gains a little until it’s crazy enough.
I’ll also use a radio shack spl meter from the MLP and make sure all speakers are about 74/75 db with the pink noise level settings. Main volume at reference. The subs I try and aim for 82-84 in that setting menu.
Obviously I make sure there is headroom all along the chain. Avr output, dsp input and output, amp gains.
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