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I've been considering picking up the nanoAVR DL for a while now. May I ask why you are selling it? Also, do you know how/if the Dirac license transfers? I think it ties to a user account on their site.
Reason to sell has nothing to do with its performance. Dirac is amazing. I'm selling because after resisting the temptation to go with Atmos, I finally gave up and have decided to go with it. Therefore, I can't use this anymore.

The license can easily be transferred by emailing miniDSP and they do it right away (as long as they are not on some vacation :) )

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Sorry. The buyer emailed me yesterday and only asked for pay pal account. Sent him email and today got email as Paid. It was a very quick transaction. Generally I do get a lot of questions before I sell something. This one is an exception (thx to buyer).
I did research on you and your postings and I already have a non-Dirac NanoAVR so I know quite a bit about it. Glad I didn't dally. Thanks SherazNJ! :)
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