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MiniDV resolution through S-Video?

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What resolution is MiniDV through the S-Video output path? I have a Panasonic PV-DV401 MiniDV video camera with 1080i Firewire, ?? S-Video, and ?? composite outputs. MiniDV is around 740x520 29.97 (interlaced) frames per second.

I am guessing that most HDTV sets would take the S-Video at 480i and upconvert it, but I don't know for sure and that sounds like it will be throwing away 30% of the image information. Am I going to have to wait for HDTV sets with firewire (to come down in price) before I can see all of the resolution of my digital video cam?

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Are you sure that the firewire is 1080i

Most dv formats are ntsc with 5 to 1


I have yet to see a 25mbs dv camera that will output 1080i.
No, I think it I am wrong about 1080i. All I know for sure is that it is (iLink) IEEE1394 protocol carrying digital 4:3 720 by 480 (or 720 by 540 pixels?) interlaced images at 29.997fps. Perhaps that is closest to the definition of 480i?
MiniDV's native resolution is:

NTSC - 720x480 pixels, 29.97 frames per second

PAL - 720x576 (or 570, can't remember) pixels, 25 frames per second

When you send your MiniDV video across S-Video (or composite), it is transmitted at 720x486 (the extra 6 lines are added to the top/bottom by the camera). Also, for reference, true 480i is defined as 720x486 at 29.97 fps.

When you send MiniDV out over FireWire, you're simply transmitting the 720x480 compressed frames at 3.5 megabytes per second, with no frame rate or size conversions being performed.

The protocols used for sending MiniDV over FireWire are completely different than the new 5C standards being pushed by Sony for HD. Just because it is using FireWire doesn't mean it's sending 1080i data.

That being said, I'm assuming that any of the new HD gear that includes 5C/FireWire ports will accept standard MiniDV streams, upconverting them accordingly, but I haven't come across a set to try this with yet.

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You answered all my questions, thanks.
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