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I can't be the only consumer like this. I want a modern AVR - one with super amps, the latest wizardry but without all those S_video and composite connections. I've totally upgraded my gear to HDMI for video and streaming lossless codecs for audio. I also don't need phono connections, cassette connections or multi-zone connections. Here's the list:

4 to 8 HDMI connections

1 S-Video and Composite, on the front, for a camera or something

Ethernet or wifi - web interface for configuration

Internet Radio (no AM or FM needed)

2 or 3 audio-in (for ipods, Airport Express, or the aforementioned camera above)

I'd love to buy a Pioneer SC-07 or other high end AVR, but I hate having all those connections I'll never use. Plus, the darn things are so big to accommodate all those connections.

Any suggestions? I want a minimalist, top-of-the-line preamp with an awesome amp.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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