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Ok I recently got the Logitech 360 remote. It great I love it, but there are a few issues. First thing, it seems when I turn off the Dish box with the remote it resets some of the settings in the box, most noticeable the favorites display. Before the logitech remote, I could hit guide multiple times and it would cycle through all channels, all subscribed and and HD, since the Logitech It always defaults back to a popup favorites menu, no mater how many time I tell it to not do it, as soon as I turn off the box and turn it back on it goes back to the popup. Thats the main annoyance.

Another problem thats only cropped up a couple times it ive had the remote get "stuck" on a button, where I hit the volume button once for example, its done it twice now, and after I let it off it keeps going. Also today it didnt it to me with the guide on the sat box.

Any help?
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