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Minor score . . .

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Now I don't feel so bad . . . I was rather depressed that I paid for a 42000 hour BarcoGraphics 801 (new/recent tubes) and then a month later discovered one hanging from the ceiling of an office building my company just leased!

Spoiler: Yep, 2nd projector is mine too . . . along with a nice Extron wall plate, RCVDS800, 50' DB9 cable, 35' Extron RGBS cable, a couple of short RGBS cables, miscellaneous loose BNC cables, and a pair of Extron RGB interfaces.

Would all y'all believe that my two BG801 PJs are seperated by 11 on the serial number and one month on the S/N plates? My working original unit came from south west Ohio, my new one southestern massachusetts.

The one I just picked up also came with a spare power supply . . . apparently for a reason. It does not power up at all.

:confused: Beggers can't be choosy. :D At least I got a bunch of parts I need.

Is there anything obvious (besides fuses) that I should be looking at? I'm an old hand with a voltmeter, (and oscilloscope) and can generally troubleshoot anything . . . I'm just hoping to avoid some time.
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Lazy Mans' leap . . . Rather like "leaping before you look" :rolleyes:

Fuse "F1" 120V T3.15A on the little power board adjacent to the HV color pots is blown.

Obviously, i'll be replacing this and hoping for the best. Is this being popped indicative of any trouble?
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