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Minor Yamaha Receiver Issue

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When I turn on my 9 year old Yamaha receiver, the left channel does not work until I turn it up to some bass and mid-bass heavy music. I use it for everything basically so say a youtube video mostly only has speech, that wouldn't make it work. I usually play a song for 20 seconds at around -25 db and that makes it come to life all the while crackling a bit. It's kind of annoying and I wonder if it's a failing part or something that I can fix and if someone has experienced this before. Just to clarify it works perfectly apart from that. Music sounds just as good as when I first got it (at least I think).

Also, could someone let me know if the latest equivalent model would give me better audio. I mean they must've made minor improvements to the amp section over the years and I don't mean the newer features but strictly the audio quality. Looking at the Aventage 1000 series or similarly priced integrated. Just for 2 channel stereo (no sub). Mine's working just fine for me but I could relegate it to other duties if it's worth for me to upgrade.

I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you
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Sounds like a dirty volume control to me. Something like WD-40 might clean it. May be hard to get to.

If you decide to buy something new, the Yamaha RX-V 2085 goes on sale for $799 every couple of weeks at Adorama.
Should I just spray on the edges of the volume knob from the outside or open it up and try it from the inside?

And that is an amazing deal, would the as-801 compare with the 2085 for stereo?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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