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I am (maybe) looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers for stereo music playback (LP, CD, Tape, Radio, MP3). My receiver is Onkyo SR500 (65 Wpc at 8 ohms)

Do you have any opinions on the Mirage FRx-3 ( $200 a pair)

# Frequency response: 47 Hz - 22 kHz +/- 3 dB

# Room efficiency: 90 dB

# Crossover point: 2 K

# Impedance: 8 ohms

# Recommended amplifier power: 15-110 watts

# Dimensions: 14" high, 7.5" wide, 10.5" deep

Anything else around that price point?

My current fronts (for DVD I have a 5.1 sub/sat system which is fine for HT but I don't like so much music being redirected to the sub) are KLH 900's whose major failing is a lack of a smooth frequency response. Its obvious when a crossover is being crossed.

I listen to classical, opera, jazz and less seriously pop.


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