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Bought these brand new last dec when I moved to a smaller apartment to replace my Mirage towers. I love both sets but I'm having trouble selling the towers, I can't afford or have room to keep both. I need to sell one set. The towers are sold here


These Mirage Nanosats were bought brand new, they are just being broken in and in mint condition in every way. Also I had bought a Mirage CC for clearer dialog and vocals so I have a extra new spare Nanosat packed up. They sound fantastic and since Mirage is no longer making speakers, these will be a rare gem to find in this condition. I will include the optional speaker stand from Mirage that I'm using for the surrounds.

Looking for 500shipped for 460 picked up in the Northern VA area.

Whats all included

5 Black Nanosat

1 Mirage s8 Subwoofer

1 Mirage Nano CC center speaker

1 pair of Mirage speaker stands
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