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Hi All,

I own pair of Infinity Primus 362 and love them a lot. Before I brought these Primus towers, I was using a very old setup Yamaha HT5450 as my 5.1 receiver and Yamaha NX220p. I am currently using the new towers as my front speakers and my old yamaha speakers as my rear and center channel. Needless to say they do not match and I plan to upgrade my receiver and surround speakers. As far as receiver is concerned i have decided on Denon 889. I am about to pull a trigger on this.

My intentions as to buy a 5.1 channel speaker package and club them with my tower speakers and make them a 7.1 channel and use the tower speakers when I listen to music and use the 7.1 for movies, games etc.

The speakers I am zeroing are on Polks audio RM 705 or Mirage NANOSAT 5.0 SYSTEM. for surround sound speakers but replace the center channel of mirage with Mirage OS -CC Ompipolar 3-Way as center channel. I am getting lots of conflicting reports and advices on if Mirage Nanostats will go with my Infinity tower speakers.

Any advice on which speakers set should I go. I am open to any other than polks, mirage, infinity, klipsch etc. Any advice on what speakers package should I use.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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