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Mirage Omni S10 - Any Good?

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Does anyone have any experience with this sub? I have one, but i'm not sure "how much better" i'd have to go to notice a significant upgrade.

Subs is one area where I have very little experience. I have the S10 currently, and am itching to upgrade, but i'm not sure if getting something lower end like the highly acclaimed BIC would be a step downwards (or sideways) and if i'd like to move up (i'm more interested in a musical sub than HT, although it will be used for movies as well), what would be a significant (noticeable) upgrade?
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If you want a significant step up, go ID. Epik, HSU, SVS, Tweak City you get the picture. I had an S12 and it was a very good subwoofer for its size. I would imagine that the S10 is as well.
I came from an S8 which was good for music at moderate levels, with movies it had trouble keeping up and didn't dig deep enough for me.

Purchased an eD A7s-450 and have been floored with it's abilities. I now prefer a sealed subwoofers sound.

You might want to mention what you're using for mains (you should strive for a balanced system) and what your budget will be in order for anyone to make a thoughtful suggestion.
I have the Energy S10.3 which is the sister sub of your Mirage Omni S10. I'm very happy with it and it meets all my needs. That being said you can get a better sub for your money buy purchasing from a dedicated subwoofer maker like SVS, HSU, Emotiva, Epik, eD and others.

The Bic F12 is a good bang for the buck sub but it wont compete with the brands listed above. It'll have more raw output than your Mirage s10 but I don't know if it will be as musical though.

If you're gonna make a step up go with one of the big boys.
I too like my S10 but i've made a move to buy the new HSU VTF-15H.
Thanks for the advice. Main were Mirage OM9s, but will likely become Paradigm Studio 60s or 100s in the near future.

My focus is 2-channel audio (although the sub will fill in here too), so i'd prefer not to spend more than $500 perhaps $750 or so max.

Would something from HSU or eD or one of the others be a significant upgrade in that price range?

Originally Posted by intence /forum/post/19460837

Would something from HSU or eD or one of the others be a significant upgrade in that price range?

Without a doubt. You can also add SVS, Epik, and Rythmik to your list.
Epik Legend would be my pick within your budget and some to spare.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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