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Mirge rip off.

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Ok lets start by saying i have the mirge radio with three years on it or did have.$499.00 three years on the Mirge or $399.00 to $499.99 for life.
On other radios. Sirius will not give a life time on the mirge Radio. So what to do, i want a life time pack with baseball. The only way to get baseball is with a XM SIRIUS NOT A SIRIUS XM PACK. Keep reading its gets better. Now Sirius will give me an life time on the Mirge with Sirius and the best of XM but no baseball.XM will not or can not activate the radio. Now if you go to to the radio ID it has two. One for Sirius and one for XM. So the only way to get what i need is to by a radio from XM and sell the mirge on E-BAY. Thats if i can get anything for it.Is this not one company. There is one more thing i can do. Keep my $500.00 And tell them to stick it
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Originally Posted by jappleboy /forum/post/16892076

There is one more thing i can do. Keep my $500.00 And tell them to stick it

Do this. No reason to sink that kind of money into a company that at the beginning of 2010(how are they going to come up with that $330 million payment again in January 2010? DirecTV is getting satellites, and repeaters for pennies on the dollar), looks like on the verge of collapse.
And I beg anyone with any common sense to NOT sign up for a lifetime plan. Or a year,2 years, or 3 year plan at this point. It would be foolish to do so.

If you want this service, I suggest finding the Pioneer found at Best Buy(made by XM) for $150+tax. It includes a free Home dock(comes with car dock), and sign up for 6 months(if this is even allowed anymore), or better yet for month to month.

Get a $55 prepaid card(or a couple) and put them on your account so your Credit Card does not get hit, and play wait and see.

At $18.95/month(Everything XM at $4.00/month with the Best of Sirius $14.95/month), $110 in credit will give you ALMOST 6 months of radio(5.8 months to be exact).

Even more if baseball is all you care about. Then at $14.95/month you get 7.4 months
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This is JUST my opinion...

But if things don't turn around for SXM, and I seriously doubt that they will, out of desperation by 2010 I can see SXM selling off, or someone stepping in and buying up XM's side of the business. ( as Steelers said, maybe DirecTV)

XM's satellites can be used for broadband, or HD TV,( Sirius's birds can not) and SXM doesn't need duplicate birds so I can foresee SXM just selling off XM's equipment and offering any XM sub who wants to stay with satellite radio a free Sirius receiver or a Mirge, whatever.
I was thinking about a lifetime subscription for Sirius a couple years ago....thank god i didn't because who knows what's going to happen with that company
imho the lifetime plans have been a bad-deal from the start since they are for the lifetime of the radio not the subscriber.

I have 2 radios currently, one is part of the car, the other is movable.

I'm considering upgrading to either/both of:

- mirge radio

- backseat TV

I am not clear on what the yearly or monthly pricing would be for either of those, but I'll

find out via the sirius phone service peeps - they've excellent every time I've called.

Also I'm not clear on whether the backseat TV unit can also tune the sirius audio channels.
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Originally Posted by tveli /forum/post/16912535

imho the lifetime plans have been a bad-deal from the start since they are for the lifetime of the radio not the subscriber.

I have an old Audiovox Sirius radio I bought some years ago(maybe 5 years ago still going strong) with a lifetime plan. I wanted to add best of XM to it so I called customer service. They said I would need a new radio since mine did not support XM compatibility. They then Said for $75 I could transfer my lifetime to another radio and that I would be able to transfer it again if needed up to 3 total times transferring. On top of that adding best of XM lifetime to that would be $100 total cost of sub transfer: $175. Radio extra of course.

That was in April. I almost hopped on it but I also have XM whose sub was to end back then so I called XM to cancel and they offered to continue sub. for $20 for 5 months. I took that deal.

Call Sirius and see if they will transfer your sub. For $75 it might be worth it to you if they are still doing that. I suspect they might as they want all the $$ they can right now...
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