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Hi all!

Thought I'd run this problem by the experts

I'm being offered a Sanyo PLV-Z3 for about £150, it's on it's second lamp and has gone 2-300h with that one. Total projector time is around 4000h.

The problem is that the projector shows miscolorations, which are much more noticeable when the room temperature is higher, it seems. Here's a picture showing what the seller describes as 'worst case scenario'; at the time it was 35 degrees C in the room, apparently when he aired the room, the color alterations disappeared or at least became significantly less:



the miscolorations are described as 'greenish' color on the right side of the screen, as well as blue stripes/bars at the top and bottom of the screen, covering nearly or slightly more than half the width of the screen.

Any idea what is causing this? I was thinking wear on the LCD panels, but don't know if the temperature aspect fits into that? Could it be the projector has crappy ventilation? And if so, how would that explain the miscolorations?

Any suggestions? It's a nice grab if I can fix the colours, but I don't think I'd much enjoy using the pj 'as is'.



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It looks like the polarizers are burned. A common problem with LCD projectors that are left on for long periods of time. The heat from the lamp burns the polarizers, causing discoloration.

The only cure is to replace the damaged parts, unfortunately, it looks like there are no parts available for that projector. I would not buy this projector, there is nothing you can do for it.
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