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Need some help in choosing my sub. I've got a room about 5 by 6". I intend to purchase the Denon AVR 3310 and the LCR speakers will be MS Mezzo 2 and Mezzo 5. I will use ceiling speakers as rears since i have no space behind my couch.

The missing piece is the sub. I can't afford Mezzo 9, which would have been nice. My set up is 60% for music/ 40% HT. I have shortlisted a few affordable subs... would appreciate some views about matching with the rest of the set-up:

- Wharfedale SW150

- Paradigm DSP-3100

- Velodyne CHR 8 or 10

- or no sub needed?

Any views appreciated!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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