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I posted this somewhere else in the AVS forum. Realized today that I think I posted in the wrong spot. Wanted this in the AVR 4806 specific forum, so I'm reposting a cut-and-paste from the other thread.........

I think my AVR-4806 has developed an internal electronic issue, so I'm now considering looking at some of the new Dennon AVR offerings (specifically the AVR-4520CI and the new AVR-X4000, which is priced significantly less than the 4520).

My problem is that the rear right surround in my 5.1 setup has no sound.. It seems flaky. I can run the speaker setup with setup mike and sometimes (not always), the test tone emits sound from the back right speaker. Then I run the calibration with the mic, and sometimes the test tones are emitted from the right surround speaker, sometimes not. On the occasion where I get the auto speaker setup and calibration routines to emit sound from the right surround speaker, the calibration successfully completes. I then play a movie, and no sound comes out of the right surround speaker.

So, thinking there's some faulty connection in the speaker wire to the speaker (or the speaker itself), I took the banana plugs from the the right surround terminals of the receiver and touched them to the front right surround terminals, and sound immediately was emitted from the surround right speaker. This tells me the speaker wire to (and the speaker itself) are fine.

Any ideas. I'm thinking my 4806 has a problem and therefore I've started looking for a replacement, as mentioned above (although the switch would be a step down since neither replacements are THX Ultra certified like the 4806 -- to be honest, I don't think I'd hear the difference).

Can I take the surround left/right connections to the 4806 and plug them into the surround Rear terminals (I don't use any 2nd zone) and run the calibration that way (not using the L/R surround terminals);. Will the calibration with the mic, and receiver, now send all surround (L/R surround and rear surround) through this connection?

Essentially, I'm looking to see if I can move the speaker cable from the L/R surround and move the connection to the L/R Rear speaker terminal, do the calibration, and all will be good (bypass the defunct L/R surround terminal).

Hope this makes sense.


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