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Does anyone know when the Mitsubishi DVD-8040 is going to be released? This is another $300ish DCDi player.

I just purchased the Panasonic 42" EDTV Plasma and have been having a hard time finding a good DVD player. I'd like to keep the DVD player price under $300.

I started with the Denon DVD-900. It went back after two days. There are no discrete power buttons (somewhat annoying) and the build quality was pretty poor. I only played three DVDs on it and it didn't notice two of them on the first insertion.

This was replaced with a Philips DVD-Q50. The Q50 has great picture quality and nice build quality. No discrete power still, but it is easily modified to be region free -- a good thing since my DVD rental outlet (scarecrow.com) carries a huge selection of imports. I'd keep this one except that I keep getting the random little pauses that others on this forum have mentioned, even with the latest 4.15V firmware.

The Mitsubishi DVD-8040 seems like a good alternative but doesn't appear to be out yet. I couldn't find a release date on their website. The store that I bought the DVD-Q50 from sells Mitsubishi products too, so if the DVD-8040 is coming out in the next 30 days I'll just wait for it and try upgrading to it.

If anyone can offer any other suggestions (besides the XP30, XP50, and RP82, all of which I can't find anywhere online or in person) please let me know. My goals are:

* high quality progressive playback (which seems to mean DCDi today)

* discrete power

* quality construction

* region-free is a plus

* glitch free playback

I don't care about DVD-Audio or SA-CD.

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