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Mit 6000 Review Is Up At Pr

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Art has his review of the mit6000 up at PR.BOB
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I wish there was more consistency in the screenshots. It seems like there are too many variables that change to have opinions of your own.

I've been researching my first projector purpose and guess a bit bitter that it is almost impossible to check out some in person projectors before buying them. It seems like buying a car without taking it for a test drive... doesn't make sense.

I've been looking forward to the AE2000U reviews (and thinking seriously about making the purchase when possible), but the comparison between the HC6000 and the AE1000U on the LOTR screenshots makes the AE1000U look pretty bad in comparison. The AE1000U image is not only softer, but also darker in general, with less shadow detail visible.

It makes me wonder:

1. Were the projectors were calibrated to the same "measure" for lack of a better word?

2. Were the lighting conditions and camera settings (exposure time) identical?

3. Is it just me, or is there a white line around the black figure in the HC6000 image? Is this an upscaling artifact?
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Interesting review. I can't wait to read his review on the IN82 seeing how I have one on order!

Glad to hear the dynamic iris working well!
I liked the fact Art said that comparing with the JVC RS1, the contrast difference is no longer dramatic. Never thought it will happen so soon for LCD projectors, definitely not with old D6 panels...

I'm sure that Panasonic and Sanyo will give us even better contrast (due to D7 panels), for a much much lower price.
Oh I didn't even notice it was up when I was on that page earlier in class (yes I should be listening to the lecture but the mind wonders)...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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