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Had the famous fast blinking green light on 73C9, would boot to blue Miti logo then turn off.

Repair guy came out and replaced my main board, back in business. They had to do the code to remove the blotchy face issue.

I guess it pretty much reset all my input settings etc. I was able to get my DVR on HDMI 1 and Xbox 360 and Blu-ray on HDMI 3 (shared) to work.

However, I can NOT for the life of me get my WDTV on HDMI 2 to recognize. I have a couple of them actually and this happens with both units. One of them will show the boot logo for a second or two before the screen goes input blue.

Am I missing something incredibly simple for getting this issue resolved?

Or is it possible the repair is a possible issue for changing something up?

EDIT: I will be honest here and say when I was starting back up I hooked up my new Xbox 360 and WDTV to their respective HDMI slots. When the tv auto sensed and asked me for more info, I swapped the devices by accident (called HDMI 2 the game console when it was really HDMI 3). However, I would think this wouldn't really have an impact esp when I manually try to go to the correct input for the WDTV and it won't display.
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