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Hello all,

Got my television yesterday. I am having trouble setting up the audio part of it.

I have a denon 1802 receiver. I also have directv philips dsr704 receiver.


I have the mits tv digital coaxial cable going into the receiver.

I have the directv receiver digital optical cable going into opt1

DVD player digital optical cable going into opt2.

In my Denon receiver setup I have to choose what input the digitals should be.

for digital coaxial I chose TV

for opt1 (which is the directv) I have it on vcr right now because I don't have an option for directv or 'other' I would think this is a shortcoming of the receiver. Not a huge problem but when I want to switch the audio to the directv I have to hit the vcr input when it's not really a vcr. Call me anal I guess.

for opt2 I have specified dvd.

On to my question: I was thinking with the netcommand I could set it up so that when I choose the device I want to use on the tv screen it would appropriately switch the audio on the receiver. Is this not the case?

Thanks in advance.
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