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Mits 55411 has white reflection circle - anyone else?

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I bought a Mitsubishi WS55411 about 3 weeks ago. It has a circular faint white reflection image in the middle upper portion of the screen. (I know, it's really hard to describe, so that's about the best I can do.) It's most easily visible when the picture is dark (fade to black scenes), or when the tv is completely off.

I had the tech come out and look, and he said it's something wrong with one of the reflective screens, so they replaced the whole tv. Well, the replacement got here this weekend, and...Same story with the new one.

The delivery guy says it's from an interaction of ambient light with the reflective mirrors in the back. So the light from the room goes into the tv, down to the mirrors, and gets projected back up to the screen. The bad part about this is that it is constantly there, so a candidate for burn in.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else can see this type of thing on their set. I went back into the showroom and turned off their 2 mits on display there, and they both have it too.

It's annoying me when I watch the tv, and I'm nearing the end of my 30 day return. Wondering if I'm just supposed to "live with it", or go get something else if all the Mitsubishis do this?

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.
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i have the same set - bought it @ 2 months ago - we do not have any sort of a problem along that line.
Were the two sets you received brand new in a box or had they been used as floor models? If flor models, possible to have burned in some type of image but does not seem likely. This sure seems strange - never seen a similar post of this problem.

Pete in Louisiana
I've got a problem with my 55411 that sounds like what you describe but it's only noticeable on scenes that are partially dark. Here's what I mean: On the Band Of Brothers DVDs there are interview segments with the actual war veterans. It's basically a shot of them from the shoulders up with a black background. I get a white "halo" effect several inches from where there face is, not a full circle, like a white, glowing, profile almost. That's the only time I've noticed it. I assume it's got something to do with the set settling in?

I think what you describe is something that occurs on all rear projection sets. The on screen image reflects off of the internal mirror and then back onto the screen as a ghost image.

Check this thread and let us know if it seems like the same thing...


Many people don't notice this RPTV shortcoming. If you don't see it...consider yourself lucky and don't look for it.
Thanks for all the replies guys. First off, yes, both tvs (original and replacement) came from a brand new box -- I watched them unpack them out of the truck.

I'm not sure if hearing that this image I am seeing is a shortcoming of all RPTVs makes me settle for it or not. Some of your descriptions (and those in the other post you linked) don't quite match with what I'm seeing. The biggest difference seems to be that I can see the faint white circular reflection even when the tv is completely off. (In fact, that's the easiest way to see it.)

When the delivery guy pointed me in the direction that it's probably some internal reflection issue, he also worried me that this reflection that's coming back up from the mirrors will also be burned-in just like any other image that's constantly on the screen. So is this true? If this is a shortcoming of all RPTVs, then do they all get this burned-in, or is the reflection not enough to burn-in?

I've started another thread that's sort of a follow-on to this one, addressing the issue of what to replace my RPTV with (if I in fact decide to replace it). ( http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=192166 )

I'm looking at rear projection LCDs now, and wonder if they have the same issues as standard RPTVs. Namely:

- Do projection LCDs have this inherent reflection issue?

- Do projection LCDs have a burn-in issue for images constantly on the screen? (xbox, station logos, black bars, etc)

- What are the shortcomings of the projection LCDs? Bulb replacement? How often, how much $, etc.

I'd really appreciate your advice on whether projection LCD is a suitable replacement? More $ for smaller size, less component inputs, etc.

Thanks a lot.
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I have noticed the same effect on my 55411 when I have the drapes open. I believe that it is ambient light reflections. However, correct me if I'm wrong guys, this is not a burn in problem. Screens don't burn in, only the crt's. I only notice it in a light room with the tv off.
Most RPTV's have some reflections from inside. It is hard to say exactly where the reflections come from, sometimes there are shiny surfaces other than the mirror inside.

You can open up the TV and cover shiny surfaces and components with opaque black material such as Duvetyne(r), being careful not to block air circulation. This may or may not void the warranty.

Any reflections you see with the TV turned off will still be there when you turn the TV on, unless you turn off room lights and close off light from doorways and windows.

Video hints:
If the problem is there with TV off...it is definitely ambient light reflections off of the mirror then back to the screen.

I see this when the chandelier in my breakfast room is on on my 65" Mits. Saw a similar thing with 56" Panny...but from a different light source.

Bottom line...the problem potentially will occur with any rear projector. It all depends on the orientation of the light sources and the internal mirror.
Hi everybody, I am new here. I have the 65411 and it has started showing a weird "stain" on the upper left hand corner extending to 1/3 of the screen. It is wavy. I think one of the mirrors or lenses are peeling, I have had the unit for 6 weeks or so. Guess I gotta call Mits? It was fine when I got it. MAkes me wonder if I made the "right choice".
6 weeks...I'd return that puppy to the store and get a new one!

Hopefully, you didn't order online. If so, I feel sorry for the ordeal you are about to go through with "factory authorized" support/maintenance/repair.
I have a MIT's 65819, with the same problem. It is a reflection of light off the internal mirror. That is visible even if the T.V. is off. It is not however visible when all light is off in the room. The only light we use are two 15 volt halogen track lights attached to the back of the TV pointed down toward the wall. This creates a great effect and also eliminates the oval reflection in the center of the screen. Also you stated that you were worried about burn-in. Burn-in occurs in the three color guns in RP TV's not in the screen. Burn-in is the result of an area of the gun wearing out due to a static image, or just plain hours of use. So the reflection off the mirror is harmless to your T.V.. Try using a back light behind the T.V., with no other lights on during night viewing and see if this helps. There is not much you can do about day time viewing other than keeping drapes and blinds pulled eliminating ambient light.
I'll place a call to Mits on Monday and report what they say.
Tips on reducing this shortcoming is Duvetyne and lowering contrast. Put in Avia and display the black level test pattern with the log gray steps on the right side and the two black strips on the left. This is a great pattern to show that half circle reflection. The top right white box will show the internal reflection off to the left in the middle of the screen. Adjust contrast and watch the effect grow and lessen.
If you see it with the TV off then it is clearly just an ambient light issue. Turn off the lights or wait until dark and it will go away.

There is absolutely NO risk of it burning in. Burn in occurs from the CRT's phosphors wearing out at different rates from uneven use. The light you are seeing is not generated by the CRT's so can not burn in. The burn in occurs on the CRT's, not on the screen.
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