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Mits 62725 Pre-purchase Questions

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Thinking about pulling the trigger but have some questions.

1) Looked at a 62725 on the floor of Tweeter Company store operating next to smaller plasma and DLP sets. Other sets looked brighter, better color tones and sharper. I assumed it was calibration related where other set were set up too bright or 62725 was set too low, etc. Any comments?

2) Have a Yamaha receiver with pre-amp speaker outputs. Because of a space problem want to use TV set speakers for center speaker. I know the audiophiles will say don't do it, but are there any technical connection issues? There are audio inputs on the rear of the set.

3) Store offers an third party extended warranty. Does not include the bulb. Got a much better price on the 62725 than other retailers in the area so don't really want to go to another retailer, but want to see if there are extended warranties that can be purchased direct. Are there warranty companies that will sell direct to the consumer and if so, who and which is the best?

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Even the Contrast on the Mits is too high - I think most of us are using it in the low 30-range (TV Menu, Video, Settings). The colors are fairly close out-of-the-box on the Mits, if you change it to the Low Temperature setting (same menu). It's very easy to dial-in the colors on the Mits - more so than other sets I've looked at.

I used the internal speakers for the center channel for a few weeks. It worked fine, and they matched my Def-tech's well enough. I have since switched to a real center channel though, because I didn't like the way the receiver was handling the setup (everything pushed to the FL/FR, since the receiver "thought" there was no center channel).

The lack of bulb-coverage would not be a deal killer for me, if the warranty was strong in other areas (lemmon clause, electrical overload, etc.).
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