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Mits HC3000U and projecting from floor?

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Hi, I realize my situation is not unique and am looking for some fundamental information to get me on my way to my first projector. I've been reading my brains out trying to find the best 720p DLP projector for my Dad (and me
and I think I like the Mits HC3000u. I have a question about placing it on a very low table. I'm going to sound like an idiot but: If I were to place it at floor height then I assume I would have to place it upside down; can I just place it on its top or do I need some sort of floor stand for it?

Also, I'd like to watch with some dim lighting in my room and not have to turn the power up on the projector (as to preserve bulb life and reduce noise). Would the HC3000U be suitable for my needs?

Lastly, and I'm not sure if I should ask, where should I get it? No one seems to be selling it. Wherever I get it I'll want to get a warranty at least on the bulb to protect myself from substantial future investments. PM me and I will be eternally grateful

Oh, and does projecting from the floor make any difference in pic quality with a standard 1.3 gain white screen? Wow, So many questions

Edit: I'm also looking at the DT-500 and the HD72. I need some guidance. Thanks
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Ok, I'll answer as much as I can:

No you don't need to place it upside down to place it on the floor- you place it upside down if you ceiling mount it
(screws on the bottom) It has little feet, so that won't be an issue.

Define "dim lighting" Are we talking windows with the blinds shut lighting, or lights on a dimmer switch behind you sort of lightig? You may want to look at the HD1000U for ambient light (and just generally, because it is an amazing projector).

You have to pay for bulb warranties beyond the manufacturer's 90 days/100 hours, and they generally aren't worth it.

At 1.3 gain you should be fine projecting from the floor- as in you won't notice a difference in picture quality. If you ended up with a high gain screen, viewing angle might be a problem, but at 1.3 you'll be fine.

I still say the HD1000U + money set aside for a bulb is your best bet, and its still less than the HC3000U. I'll pm you more info.
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I own the NEC HT1000 and because of its huge offset, it sits on the bottom shelf ( almost on the floor) of a table between my two front row theater seats and this works just fine. As already stated, you only turn the PJ upsidedown if it is ceiling mounted. As for PQ, well I have always used a 1 gain matte white screen and it works just fine . I don't know about higher gain screens.
If you buy the HD1000 from forum sponser P.P. they offer a 3 year bulb warranty for $99. Considering the price of a new bulb (or two!) I'd say this was definitely worth it.
I've heard that bulb warranties have many restrictions and can be hard to claim, especially from warrantech (which is I believe who the warranty you mentioned is through). May want to do some research on the company first- after reading about the benefits of the warranty compared with the chance of bulb failure, I decided against the warranty. Keep in mind these companies don't make money by replacing bulbs.
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