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Mits HC5000 - Image Size Changes from One Satellite Channel to Another

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Is anyone else running a Dish VIP211 satellite receiver with the Mits 5000?

I have overscan set to 100% on all inputs.

If I size an HD channel, like HBO HD, to exactly fill my screen, the size changes on other channels and often under-scans. This under-scan results in a 1" to 3" black bar at the sides of the screen. It is most noticable when going from a HD to SD channel. But sometimes, other HD channels scan differently.

If I zoom the image to fill the screen on the SD material, it then splashes over the sides on HD material.

I understand that the Mits has a "blanking" function, similar to CRT's, where one can overscan then blank out the sides.

But this would not help my problem.

I am new to DVP but I have owned CRT FP since 1979.

My CRT projector never changed the image size from different channels with the same VIP211.

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Have a Dish 622, channels are all over the place. The only thing I think you can do is mask the edges and use zoom.
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