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Mits HD1000U vs. Sharp DT-500

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Has anybody seen both of these projectors in action. I was all set to buy the Mits, but after reading about the DT-500 I have been having second thoughts. I know the Sharp it a little more expensive, but with recent price drops it appears the Sharp can be bought for approx. $400 more than the Mits. I know the Sharp is probably better, but is it worth the extra money. Are there any reviews on the DT-500? I know it is similar to the Z3000 and I read Art's review on the Z3000, which does give a brief comparison with the Mits. Lastly, I know the Sharp has a much smaller offset than the Mits, but how do the zooms compare. I need to mount my projector approx 13 or 14 feet from my 92 inch screen. What do you guys think?
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It's worth the extra money if you want deeper blacks and a more 3D like rich looking image. The difference is very noticeable. Whether or not it's worth the difference will vary from person to person.

The DT-500 can do a very short throw. So, that's good for some.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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