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Mitsubishi Digital Electronics Introduces

Breakthrough Digital Products at National

Product Line Show


2001 via NewsEdge Corporation -

At its National Product Line Show and News

Conference, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics

America Inc. (MDEA) announced a breakthrough

lineup of digital products.

These include Integrated High-Definition

Televisions (HDTVs) (which offer a built-in

digital ATSC tuner) with IEEE 1394 networking,

5C copy protection and Home Audio Video

interoperability (HAVi) software, as well as an

HDTV-grade D-VHS VCR, also featuring 5C,

HAVi and IEEE 1394 capability.

"MDEA is thrilled to introduce such a

breakthrough slate of products at this year's

product line show," said Max Wasinger, MDEA

vice president, sales and marketing.

"Integrated HDTVs and an HDTV VCR, coupled

with our extensive lineup of HD-Upgradeable

and analog televisions, VCRs, DVD players and

satellite receivers, continue to maintain MDEA's

leadership role in the digital revolution."

(HD-Upgradeable televisions provide HDTV

reception capability when used with a separate

digital receiver or the Mitsubishi Promise(TM)

upgrade module).

The company introduced 18 projection

televisions including the Silver and Gold Series

analog televisions, the Platinum, Platinum Plus

and Diamond Series HD and HD-Upgradeable

televisions, as well as a new DLP-based

projection television, a D-VHS HDTV VCR, four

analog VCRs, and three DVD players.

"A key factor in our Integrated HDTV strategy

is the development of a unique core

technology, NetCommand(TM), which allows

existing analog devices as well as new IEEE

1394 devices to be controlled using a common

on-screen graphic user interface," said Robert

A. Perry, MDEA vice president of marketing.

"Our strategy is to provide the full range of

analog and digital televisions and component

devices to meet the needs of the entire

marketplace. As the leader in digital television,

we are committed to extraordinary products for

each and every consumer requirement."

The company also separately announced the

full details of NetCommand(TM) and its

D-VHS-HDTV-VCR strategy. The company

incorporates VividLogic's FireBus IEEE 1394 and

HAVi software technology in its integrated

digital television receivers and D-VHS products.

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America (MDEA)

manufactures and markets a comprehensive line

of premium quality NTSC and HDTV projection

televisions, satellite receivers, VCRs and DVD

Players for complete home theater systems.

Recognized as the world leader and innovator

of bigscreen and digital television technology,

MDEA develops audio and video products that

lead the industry in performance, ease-of-use

and system integration.

For additional information about MDEA, visit


Rich Peterson

DBS Consumer Guide Author
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