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Mits Platinum vs. P_Plus: Differences?

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Anyone know the main differences between the Platinum & Platinum Plus series? After looking at the spec sheets, the only listed differences I can see is that the P-Plus has 6" speakers vs 5" speakers for the Platinum.

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Ah ha...after further research the P-Plus models have Quad Field Focus. Anyone comment on this feature and the price/ value ratio over the straight Platinums?
Hi Wayne,

Are you interested in the 2001 or 2002 models? With the 2001 models the differences between the 2 are consistant for both the 55" and 65". However with the 2002 models you have to look at both the size and whether it is Platinum or Platnum plus and whether it has the integrated HD tuner. I have a 2001 55857 which is the 55" Platinum plus. I'll be glad to answer any questions that you have.

Are you replacing your Panasonic? I used to have the 56" Panasonic and am very pleased with the Mits. Good luck.

Here is a link to the 55" compairison chart: http://www.***************.com/cgi-b...&f=10&t=004029

Here is another bit of info from *************** about the difference between 2001 and 2002 models :

The 46809 gets a new more stylish graphite gray cabinet

The other cabinets are essentially unchanged - all 65" cabinets are two-piece

Features have not trickled down from higher to lower models

The line doubler is unchanged

The Diamond Tru-focus lenses are the same as last year

The MicroFine Phosphor CRTs are unchanged

The EDF lenses are now on the 65" Platinum, Platinum Plus, and on the 55" integrated platinum and 65" integrated platinum plus models

The standard lenses are now on the 46" and 55" Platinum and Platinum Plus models

The Platinum Plus models get the QuadField Focus feature

The Diamond models get a new anti-glare Diamond Shield that really reduces reflections

The VGA port is now only on the Diamond and HD integrated models and is unchanged

There are no new screen modes
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Thanks for your reply. My 56" Panasonic has develpoed a problem where it just shuts off for no reason, and the dealer cannot fix it (after 4 tech visits & 1 trip to the shop) so under the terms of my extended warrenty it is getting replaced. The question is what they will replace it with. I'm wondering if it is worth the extra out of pocket cash for me to get the P-Plus and the Quad Field Focus feature? I'm waiting for the salesman to get back to me about the final details, & I'm not sure if it will be the 2001 or 2002 models. Chances are I'll try to shoot for the same model you have since, if I remember correctly, it has the Firewire connection for future use.
Spend the extra bucks and get a diamond series. I have a 65907 and 46809 and the 65907 blows the 46809 away. Both are tweaked to the max. Don't get me wrong, the 46809 is a terrific set but the 65907 is far superior. The 46" is the set my wife wanted. She primarily watches the 46". I did not argue on what set she wanted. I just was very happy to get another set!
I don't have THAT many extra bucks, unfortunately! Since it is going to be a straight swap out for a similiar type set, I have to stay within a few hundred bucks, so you can see my concerns whether or not (if I have to) it's worth it to go from P to P-Plus, if I'm forced to make that choice in the first place. I wish I could get a diamond series though, thanks.

From my experience (and from others that I have read) there is a bigger difference between a Platinum and Platinum Plus than between the Plus and the Diamond. Especially with the 2001 models. I think that compared to your old Panasonic you'll be more than pleased with the Platinum Plus. It is much more "user friendly" than the Panasonic also.

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