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Hi all,

As the title indicates, I have a Mitsubishi WD-62725 RPTV which is giving me problems when I go to use the V-Chip feature. Here's what is happening.

As I understand it when V-Chip works correctly it should allow me to lock the TV during certain times of the day or based on content standards (Violence, etc.). However, when the feature is enabled/turned on (say I've told it to lock the TV from 11am to 4pm) and I turn the TV on during the time period when it should be unlocked (say 5pm), after watching TV a few minutes the lock code screen will appear and request the lock code to unlock the TV.

Similarly, if I go to use the TV during the hours of the day when it should be locked, I enter the lock code (as it should), and it unlocks the TV for a few minutes but then after a few more minutes (say 5-10 minutes) it will again pop the lock code screen and ask for the code again. It seems to keep doing this even when I I haven't turned on the rating (lock based on content rating of PG, MA, etc.) lock.

The way its currently working the v-chip function is worthless. Several months ago I called Mits on it and they sent me a software upgrade (I'm now running version 26.004.05). I installed it and it didn't help. I haven't called them back but thought I'd check here before doing so.

I tried searching to see if others are experiencing this but didn't find anything.

Anybody have thoughts or advice on this one?

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