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mits wd52525 purple line

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I have a mits wd52525 DLP, In the last month I have started seeing purple lines go across the screen a lot. I thought maybe it was just interference or something, but it has continued for a while now. I have had the tv plugged into the same place for 5 years, I just tried plugging it into a totally different outlet and still got the same thing.

Could it be my dlp chip or something? A picture is worth a thousand words here goes..

It's actually not as bad as the picture portrays, but you get the idea.
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You need a chasis rebuild. You have a different symptom but the fix is the same -
Link #1
Link #2
Thanks I figured it may be something like that.

They replaced the whole chasis about a year and 1/2 ago.

Good thing I bought the extended warranty!

I have had a lot of problems with this tv!
hopefully your ext warranty company will offer a new replacement set or a buyout.

mits has had so many problems wit these sets that they no longer have chassis to replace as hammerdown mentions it would need a rebuild. When mits does the chassis rebuild they replace over 100 capacitor/parts on the boards.

the fact that it happened before and that now the new replacement parts are not available from mits to repair it may give you leverage to ask for a replacement or buyout instead of a rebuild type repair.

if your ext warranty company goes the cheap route and has a local repair company replace a few caps to get it running there is a good chance it will have future problems again.

if you still own it with no ext warranty and have chassis issues contact mits and they will pay for the out of warranty chassis rebuild and you would pay for the labor costs ~$200-350 and mits gives you a one year warranty where they will replace it if it happens again.
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