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Mits WS-55805 / Green Picture?

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Just hooked up new Panasonic TU-HDS20 receiver to Mits WS-55805 using component (Y, Pr, Pb) video system on HDTV interface as suggested by Mits owners guide.

Picture is extremely green, curious if anyone has experienced this condition and if so the cause?

Appreciate any help!

Ralph Erps
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First make sure that the digital input setting is put to yprpb not RGB in the menu. Not sure if this will fix your problem but good to check.

You may need to just change the video settings for the DTV input.
I've had this happen to me with my fron tprojector. If I recall correctly, it has been a cable that was not fully inserted. Please check your cable connections on both ends, i.e., on the dvd player and on the tv. Male sure that the green is to green, the red is to red and the blue is to blue.
I had the same problem with my WS-55805 when I switched from a DTC-100 to Mits SR-HD5. If your HDinput is set to auto you need to unplug the set for a minute. When you plug the set back in it will recognize the component device. If that does not work your HD input is not on autoselect and you need to get into a service menu to change it to auto. I have read where In that menu (1270 I believe) if you make a mistake you can disable your set irreversibly!!!

here is a link to the *************** thread.


Good luck
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you can change the settings for the inputs in the menu. the manual has this on pg. 33. I see no such auto selection but it does mention to unplug and replug when changing the type.
Thanks to all,

Switched video settings for DTV input on Mits to Y Pr Pb and picture is perfect! Appreciate the help.

Thanks again,

Ralph Erps
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