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Mitsu 82" LCoS RPTV - $21k

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DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 11, 2003--Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Inc. today introduced the Mitsubishi Alpha 82-inch Widescreen HDTV featuring 1080 x 1920 resolution, the consumer electronics industry's largest-ever HDTV.

Featuring Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) reflective LCD technology, super-high precision optics, and the highest performance digital receiver and processing circuits ever created by Mitsubishi Electric, this new Alpha television surpasses all previous standards of performance. Suggested value pricing for the Mitsubishi Alpha is $20,999.

"For those consumers who simply don't compromise on design, performance or reliability in their home theater and multimedia experience, the Mitsubishi Alpha will exceed their expectations," said Max Wasinger, senior vice president of sales and marketing. "We created the Mitsubishi Alpha by pushing the limits of all known display technology and signal processing, sparing no investment or effort to create this breakthrough HDTV," he added.

The Mitsubishi Alpha is a true multimedia HDTV, with direct computer input resolutions from VGA to W-XGA to direct native mode 1080 x 1920, and also incorporates all the HDTV features found in their Diamond Series HDTVs. These include a third-generation digital receiver, FireWire(R) (IEEE-1394) network connections, Home Audio Video interoperability (HAVi) system control software, and the NetCommand(TM) on-screen, icon-based home theater control system, including version 3.0 which has the ability to learn the IR commands from any home theater product.

"The design goal of the Mitsubishi Alpha was quite simple --exceed all known standards of video performance and signal processing, in a `work of art' design. Then, add PC capability, multi-format card readers for viewing digital photographs and listening to digital audio files, and an amazing list of features, coupled with the NetCommand 3.0 control system, so it's the easiest-to-use HDTV ever built," said Robert A. Perry, vice president, marketing. "Whether it's watching high-definition broadcasts recorded via FireWire or surfing the Web with the family, the 82-inch Mitsubishi Alpha redefines `home theater' and family entertainment."
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Sounds like a nice set but its to bad LCos is going the wrong direction in price while DLP keeps getting cheaper.

Hopefully we will see a 1080P FP soon.
It is good though that the set supports 1080p input.

The next step is to lower price.
I agree. I just don't understand about LCoS camp releasing native 1080p resolution panel to direct-view type market first. FP market with big screen +/-100" is what really benefits from this high resolution.

BTW, 82"....it is really big RPTV! :D
Having owned two Mits HDTVs, and swearing never again to buy a Mits product, I wonder what quality issues, anomolies and artifacts to expect at the $20,000 + price range.....
BTW, 82"....it is really big RPTV!

I think that its going to be one big hunk of plastic.

I just don't understand about LCoS camp releasing native 1080p resolution panel to direct-view type market first.
Ti did the same when the 1280x720 Dlps first become available, by releasing in the RPTV form before releasing in a FPTV form. Forgetting the $21k cost which some may find high (for the moment), the more important thing to me is the ability of this unit to accept a deinterlaced 1080i (1080/24p) signal as an input, and then being able to display it, at it's full native H/V resolution. For digital that is still impressive.

The thing is regardless of your thoughts on price, we are slowly getting digital projection to where people like myself are more likely to be happy with spending the larger sums of money which I spent on my G90/5000 combo. Now if Ti would only release that 3 chip 1920x1080 Dlp then I may be back in the market for upgrading my main theater.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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