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Mitsu WS-55809 lost color!!

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Buddy of mine's WS-55809 lost all color on his set, except for maybe yellow. Says its like watching b+w with yellow added.

Any ideas?

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No ideas? I was thinking maybe a light gun or something.
He will need to get the screen off and look down into the crt's to find out if they are all lit and showing video.

Thanks for the reply. If it is a gun, is it most likely a bulb replacement issue? Are these available for purchase by the average consumer, or does he need to go ahead and make a service call...

Problem is I don't think there is anyone decent in our area. :(
First off it's a CRT RPTV, so it woulk be a CRT that might be a issue.

Second, turn the color down all the way and report back what do you see? It should be grey and shades of. If it isn't what color tone do you see or is it one of the primaries or secondary colors?
Well, this turned out to be another case of "check your connections". Apparently my buddy hired a new house cleaner that moved the set in order to clean around/behind it. He told me that she moved it again yesterday and now all his colors are back. I told him to check his connections.

Thanks for the help and replies. I'm going to go sit in a corner and quitely remind myself over and over to check the obvious things first before deciding to operate next time.....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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