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Mitsu WS-65813 shut down, will not power back up, constant blinking power light.

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Hi all...I have reported the issue to the HTSpot as well, wondering if anyone has seen this.

I was watching TV tonight and the unit just shut off and was able to come back on after the blinking power light stopped after about a minute.

About 10 minutes later it powered on again, yet the green light will not stop blinking and system reset doesn't help. The light wont stop blinking in order to allow me to power up the set.

Has anyone else seen this?

Update, I unplugged it for 10 minutes and it recovered. Now to call Mitsu tomorrow and ask about that upgrade they ship on a compact flash disk. I hope this is the only problem I have with this unit.
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I haven't seen any crashes since I did the available flash upgrade except on a QAM channel on cable that clearly was a channel that Comcast was using for data. Otherwise the stability seems to be better.

One thing negative I have noticed from the upgrade is that the QAM tuner has a harder time finding standard definition 480i channels on unscrabled QAM frequencies than before. For example, it consistently misses the ABC News Now channel in my market.
I've had no problems with my new TV, owned for a month so far. I have heard a report about a problem like this and someone said they fixed it by switching the power mode from "low" or whatever it's called to regular. After that, no more problems.

On my first day, my TV turned itself off suddenly in the middle of viewing once. We went in and found the sleep timer was "on" when I got it out of the box. We turned it off and no more problems so far.
Sleep timer is not on and it is set to standard power.
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