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Mitsubishi 61 Vs Pioneer Elite 50

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Can anyone help me in providing Pros and Cons of the following

Mitsubishi 61 Plasma Vs Pioneer Elite 50 Plasma

Thanks in Advance

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What are you looking for in a tv? That's the main question. Mits is a helluva lot more expensive, but just about everything looks better on a 61" screen than it does on a 50". I was leaning toward a 50" until I saw a 70" LCD RP. Now the 50" tv's look small.
Ususally I don't post in threads like this because I lack the knowledge to do the comparison justice, but in this case...

My final choice was made after viewing the pio 910 in a theater room next to a 50in Mits plasma.

The blacks looked to me to be identical...this was with the lights dimmed.

I saw some noise on the mits that was not present on the pio with the same feed....a Denon 2900. Colors were not nearly as nice looking on the mits as the pio.

HD looked nice on both..but the pio clearly looked better. Using two Samsung 151's hooked to both for OTA HD.

I didn't give much of a third look at the mits....they were side-by-side and the pio was a clear winner...IMO.

Remember though, this was a 42in pio vs. a 50in Mits. So not entirely fair.

edit: I keep forgetting my 910 is 43..not 42 inches...
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I cannot speak to the new pioneers, but I replaced my 503CMX with an NEC 61XM2/S. Colors much better on the NEC mostly in the Blues and Reds. There is no green push in the NEC that was present in the 503.

Mits is a re-badged NEC but I do not think it supports HDCP on its DVI input.

If you want a 61, go for the NEC.

-- Rich
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