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Mitsubishi 65 HDTV and HTPC

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This is my first post to the forum and was wondering if I can get some opinions. I have a Mistubishi 65 hdtv rear projection big screen, and would like to be able to play games on it, and build a home theater pc for it. I'm leary though, because I don't want to burn in any images on the big screen and ruin it. Do I really need to worry about it? Is it really easy to burn images into you big screen with a pc and video game sysytem. I've been reading these posts and a lot of people have htpc's but they are being displayed on lcd screens, not rear projection screens.

Please help,

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Back in 1994 when I built my first HTPC it was centered around a Pioneer 51" projection set. I used it for 7 years with no burn in. I then sold it and bought a Mitsubishi 65" widescreen projection and have been doing that ever since with still no burn in problems.

Burn in is more a wives tale today than a reality. It was based on first generation big screen TV's running Atari 2600 gaming units that had static images that were left on screen for hours. There is no reason to worry about it today on any type of display device.
I have been using a HTPC on my Mits 65" for over 2 years now without issue.

Although I don't agree that burn-in is a wives tale. I have seen it recently.

If you do not calibrate your set with at least the recommended AVIA settings, then you can burn-in an image.

Your Mits probably came from the factory in torch mode. Contrast and brightness set WAY too high. Adjust that correctely and you will not have any problems.
How do I calibrate my system corectly. Do I need sppecial software?
Sorry. I should have been more clear. AVIA is a DVD that is available that gives you test patterns, colored filters and instructions on the important settings. It is not a "true" calibration. For that you would need someone with a color meter and experience.

But to protect against burn-in, the AVIA disc should do you just fine.

BTW, I did spend a few hundred bucks to have someone calibrate my set once. It was worth it, because I learned a ton watching him :)
Can I purchase the avia disk at best buy? How Much does it cost?
I bought mine online. It's been so long, I can't remember where. But I've seen it at various stores too. I would do a Google search.
I just wanna make sure I get the right disk

AVIA Guide to Home Theater DVD. and as long as I calibrate it according to the disk, I should be ok with hooking up my pc to the television and my playstation and gamecube to it?
I used a HTPC and Dscaler for two years because the upconversion on Dish was soooo bad on my Mitz 65909. Plus I set up the image to bounce back and forth so I would never get burn in from logos or watching 4:3 material. On the old CRT technology sets, there is NO other option - especially for watching video games.

Since I was upgraded to a Sony GWIII due to a unrepairable problem with my Mitz, and I actually turned my HTPC off that had been on for the last two years because the sony is sooooo good at upconversion. The saying about garbage in garbage out on the Mitz is just an excuse for a poorly designed upconversion system. At least that was the experience on my 65909.

Best of luck to you. Check out the threads abour Dscaler and the Pixelview Xcapture card here. You need it. We would have Cartoon network on for days it seemed and I never had one network logo burn in thanks to Dscaler!

I've seen burn in and its no wives tale... At least it was not on my set.

Good luck,

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As long as you keep your contrast at a safe level....~30-35%....you'll be fine. Just dont play for hours and hours at a time; take a break periodically and switch the Mits to something else for a few minutes.
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